Exciting Tourist Attractions In Delhi: Some Of The Must-see Places!

Red Fort

Red Fort

I wanted to take my sweetheart on a surprise trip during her birthday and Delhi was the place I had in mind. We reached Delhi in the morning and booked rooms at Almondz Hotel. The rooms were neat, spacious and had everything such as spring mattresses, mini bar, cable television, etc. After taking rest for a while, we decided to hit the streets of Delhi and enjoy sightseeing some of the popular tourist places. The first place that we went to was to the famous Red Fort. Built by the famous Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, this grand historical building is an outstanding example of the Mughal architecture.

Delhi Attractions: Places That Will Make You Go ‘Wow’!

National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park

Being a wildlife lover, I stressed on visiting the National Zoological Park before sightseeing other places. The zoo boasts of being one of the most visited places in Delhi and is home to some rare species of birds and mammals. The white peacock at the zoo caught my attention and I was spellbound by the sight of it dancing like a white angel with its feathers spread wide! After completing the tour, we headed outside to taste some street side delicacies.

From Pani Puri to masala chat, the eateries near the park served steaming hot spicy treats. I could not resist the taste of these spicy items and I kept on eating one plate after another until my stomach screamed ‘Enough Plz’….Later, we went on sightseeing other important tourist attractions such as the Lotus Temple, Hanuman Mandir, Jama Masjid, etc. Going to Delhi was one of the most beautiful experiences in our life and we will never ever forget it! So when are you going to start your trip?

Red Fort Image Source : ndtv.com
National Zoological Park Image Source : bharatonline.com


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