Jaipur Street Shopping: More Than A Matter Of Delight!

Jaipur-PalaceThe phone bell buzzed and on the other end was my cousin inviting me to visit Jaipur with her. She said the main reason was to go shopping for some ethnic pieces of handicrafts, paintings, clothes, and some chunky jewelry. I quickly agreed as I had read that the markets there are also overflowing with colorful items like carpets, Kota Doria Mats, souvenirs, perfumes, all of which I was crazy about! The tickets were booked for the whole family as we decided to club the kids’ summer vacation to this cultural city.

Street Shopping At Jaipur: Simply Irresistible

As it turned out the shopping experience on the streets was really awesome and irresistible. We felt like buying everything we saw from the beaded works and mirrors on the dresses to local jewelry embedded with stones and gems to ethnic saris and dress materials. We roamed the streets and visited the Tripolia Bazaar, Jauhari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar and many more joints on MI road and Chaura Rasta. We bought items for our use as well as carried back gifts like bags and belts made of camel skin and excellent wooden items.

All this roaming made us so hungry and we were ready to pounce on a ton of food and could easily defeat any foodie in an eating race I thought! The kids were very keen on tasting the local delicacies like Dal Bati, Methi Puri, Rumali Roti and the like. We entered a multi cuisine eatery and ate to our fill enjoying ourselves all through. Later we shopped for some sweets at the DMB restaurant on Meera Marg and got them packed to carry back home. Before embarking the train at night we dined at the dhaba serving hot and tasty Punjabi food. It was a great shopping experience and I thanked my cousin for choosing this beautiful pink city!

Image Source : visitingjaipur.com
Img Src : iftariyan.blogspot.com


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