Darjeeling Hotels: Enjoy The True Spirit Of The Himalayas!

DarjeelingA month before the summer vacation the topic at our dining table every night was only one and that is the choice of a good holiday spot. This time the kids were very keen on going to Darjeeling. All of us agreed on this and immediately the search for good Darjeeling Hotels along with the eateries and restaurants started. My son got busy with his laptop and my husband dug up some travel books which he valued very much. Also the search for good dhabas, eateries, restaurants and shopping centers was on.

Hotels In Darjeeling: Lace Up Cherished Memories

Their search revealed that Darjeeling was home to a few luxury heritage hotels like Windamere, New Elgin and Mayfair the plush hotels perfect for the honeymooners. Traveling with kids we had to budget our trip and these hotels were a little overboard. We shortlisted a few hotels that offered impeccable hospitality, good and clean rooms and fine views of the Himalayas at discounted rates. These were Hotel Little Tibet-a boutique resort, Hotel Cedar Inn, Hotel Seven Seventeen and the like.

We could not book rooms in any as they were full. We then tried a few of the budget Darjeeling Hotels like Hotel Golden Heights Enclave, Hotel Broadway, Central Nirvana, Dekling Resort and so on. Central Nirvana seemed to be the perfect holiday accommodation. It offered all the basic amenities like doctor on call, laundry, parking and so on. Embarking from the bus we headed to it and had a good time at the hill station. The restaurant offering the local cuisine there turned out to be one of the best and we ate to our hearts content and we were indeed surprised to see the very less bill!

Image Source : travel.tejasri.in


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