Ahmedabad Temples: Exceedingly Mirrors Historic Tradition!

Last week my daughter had to write an essay on the temples of India. Helping her out I came to know a lot about some of them that has special implications for the people. One city that attracted me the most was Ahmedabad. This is because it houses temples not only devoted to the Hindu religion but also Parsees and Jains. Also it is home to Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosques, Synagongues the holy places of several religions across the globe. This was a rare feature for any town to have.

Temples In Ahmedabad: Ornate Display Of Architecture


My neighbor a devout Hindu wanted to visit some rare temples and came to me for advice. I gave her the list I prepared for my daughter and she too was impressed with Ahmedabad and said she would be visiting this city soon with her kids. As promised she did so and on return narrated her experience of the trip which according to her was one of the best and the most unforgettable. En route to visiting the temples she said she had some fine experiences at different eateries, dhabas and restaurants in the city too.

She listed the temples of various religions and prominent ones among them are Dargah of Mira Datar, Bahai Temple and ISKON Temple, Swaminarayan Temple or the Akshardham, Gheekanta Shankeswar Temple, Jagannath Temple and many more all situated in different parts of the city and dedicated to different deities. As much as she was impressed with the architecture of each temple she was equally impressed by the local Gujarati Cuisine the Thali consisting of roti dal, kadhi, rice, dhokla and so on. This foodie rated “South Leaf” the best restaurant of the city that served South Indian Cuisine.

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Image Source : populartemplesofindia.blogspot.com


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