Goa Marriot Resort: Cosset Yourself With Unimaginable Comforts!


My hostel mate always talked a lot about beaches, having come from a coastal town, whereas I had seen some beaches only in movies! In this scenario, I was really glad when my family planned to visit Goa for the summer vacation. My aunt was also accompanying us and she was worried about traveling with kids, but we assured her with help from everyone it sure would not come in the way of having some awesome holidays! Our bookings were made at Goa Marriot Resort.

Revitalizing Stay For Sure At Goa Marriot Resort

Goa Marriot Resort

It is a three storey edifice with a 5-star tag and true to it we found our luxurious room laden with all modern amenities like TV, shower, internet access and the like. Since the hotel was in Panjim and in the vicinity of the Miramar Beach, it was a perfect holiday stay for our family. We children set out to the beach and had an awesome time and ate the local dishes at one of the dhabas nearby.

Having spent the first day at the beach, the second day we planned to make the most of the recreational activities at the resort. We had a stint at the beauty salon and a shopping spree on the premises. The evening was spent at the cocktail lounge. The eateries and restaurants on the premises had chefs who doled out multi-cuisine as well as local delicacies to the pleasure of us foodies. Goa Marriott Resort really gave me some wonderful memories and we will never forget the rocking holidays that we enjoyed in Goa!

Image Source : anmolldaniel.blogspot.com
Img Src : goaweddingvenues.com


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