Hotels In Mahabaleshwar : Enrich Your Holidays!

When I hear people talk to me about holiday locations and a unique vacation I always come up with my experience of fabulous stay in Mahabaleshwar. It was two years ago that I had scheduled some time off my hectic work and household duties to take a break with my family. We had decided to visit Mahabaleshwar the place which is considered to be one of the perfect holiday destinations. My whole vacation was made worthwhile because of the amazing Hotels in Mahabaleshwar. These hotels not only offered my family a place to stay but they took a place in our hearts as well


Mahabaleshwar at Rainy Season | Image Res :

We had several choices to choose from when it came to selecting accommodation in Mahabaleshwar for there was a competitive environment between various hotels in this place. I had shortlisted the options to Hotel Mount View Executive, Bright Land Resort and Valley View Resort. Any hotel from these chosen by us was bound to offer us the perfect platform not to spend but celebrate a vacation. I found the hotels were priced at affordable tags with adequate services that they offered. We couldn’t ask for more than this, a budget accommodation and travel package which seemed interesting to the kids as well.

Hotel Mount View Executive

Hotel Mount View Executive | Image Res :

Valley View Resort

Valley View Resort | Image Res :

Hotels in this place have facilities like babysitting and kids’ zone wherein the kids can play several videogames and outdoor games and keep themselves occupied while the infants can receive motherly attention. This gives some space for couples and adults to fulfill their personal spaces and have a look around the city. Our family was benefited by the sightseeing service offered by the hotel where we stayed. Without much strain we could see the places in and around Mahabaleshwar and set a memory.

Bright Land Resort

Bright Land Resort | Image Res :

There were commendable services that were offered in this hotel. We had an amazing and dedicated room service who attended to all our needs and demands at round the clock timings. Hotels in Mahabaleshwar have set a benchmark and a special place in my heart. There could be nothing as flawless as the cuisine and the hospitality in these hotels.


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