Bull Temple : Casting Imprints Of Tradition!

For long I was planning a vacation with my family. The chores of work and metropolitan life caught me bounded. Despite being the lady of the house I wasn’t able to devote sufficient time to my kids and family. To bring a considerable change I planned a vacation with my family and kids to the garden city. I arrived at Bangalore and the warmth of the city generated an overdose of excitement in me despite me being in my early thirties!

The most memorable place of visit during my visit would undoubtedly be the visit to the Bull temple. I liked the architecture of this place a lot and so did the kids. Unlike other temples and shrines where kids would be bored, here my kids enjoyed completely the surrounding ambience and the construction and view from the temple lawns. This temple depicts the homage to Nandi Bull. The historic background of the temple impressed my wits very much. To my surprise I found there were people from different parts of the world who had paid a visit to witness this wonder. There was a positive vibration inside the temple which was very vibrant that it caught my attention and devotion almost immediately.

I clicked several pictures of the temple’s great and famous carvings and updated my album emphatically. My curiosity led me to ask several questions about the idol and its significance. This idol is carved out of a single rock and bears several other gods on its sides. On taking a tour around the temple my eyesight encountered several wonders of carving. I could sense a really artistic work of sculpture involved in its construction. This place had registered a special place in my memory and I discovered myself to be communicating with age old traditions!

My visit to this place completed my complete family vacation package. I enjoyed the magnificent stay and the hotels which were really affordable and also the whole journey along with the sightseeing resulted in convincing tariffs. The whole trip was within the budget of money but beyond the usual budget of fun!


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