Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium : Feel The Skies Within Your Reach!

City life! Breakfast on the run and dinner on the couch after a tiresome day was the usual run of the mill story in our day to day life! The back-breaking work schedules had devoid me and my family of a vacation for a long time. So finally I decided to rope the ideas together and set up a perfect plan for a vacation. After researching with my friends and colleagues we decided to set foot on the city of Bangalore. This vacation was planned by me and my family to suit all standards of fun and entertainment.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium | Image Resource : academic.ru

My vacation had several elements of fun imbibed in it. Among the most special memories associated with the vacation was the most awaited visit of mine to the Jawaharlal Nehru planetarium in Bangalore. Unlike other tourist spots, my kids enjoyed the experience thoroughly and this place served to me as the perfect family hang out location. There were several spectacular things which caught my fascination and in my mid thirties I started to feel childlike and wanted to float in the skies.

We witnessed an amazing star show wherein the night sky was magnified and displayed on the roof of this wonder construction. I was amazed by the amazing growth of technology and the various advancements in science and technology left me and my kids spellbound. All this fantastic things came within affordable prices. The fares to access the planetarium was very reasonable and the experience was extremely fanatic!

The sky theater was one of the major attractions that grabbed my attention. This feat attracts over 2 lakh people worldwide. The telescopes gave me an insight into the majestic constellations. To my surprise I found people explaining the stars and positions to everybody. The kids can have lot of fun and at the same time earn knowledge as well.

Sky Theater

Sky Theater | Image Resource : freedomcenter.org

The brilliance of nature is sophistically depicted on the fantasy walls of the theater. Further I witnessed the wide and deep massive galaxies as well through automated equipments. The whole experience could be compared to a visit to the stars. It was unmatchable and something which found a special place in my memory!


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