Suryanarayana Temple : Residence Of The Sun God!

Right from my childhood I have always had a fascination to visit temples and understand different traditions. As time passed I reached my early thirties and my interest just seemed to increase. I planned a vacation to Bangalore with my family. This was a memorable vacation for me indeed. Apart from all the usual places of tourist visit there is one temple which caught my attention and bounded me closer to tradition and culture. The Suryanarayana temple or the temple of sun god had in itself great culture and terrific architectural brilliance.

Suryanarayana Temple

Suryanarayana Temple | Image Resource :

My visit to this place was not merely a vacation. We as a family had to attend an auspicious ceremony and hence we used the opportunity to extend the trip and make it a vacation as well. To my surprise the ceremony was scheduled in the hall of this temple. This gave me an amazing opportunity to spend lot of time here and get to understand the temple, its meaning, importance and significance. Owing to my study in the yesteryears I could relate the architecture of this city to the one’s used in the chola dynasty.

Suryanarayana Temple

Suryanarayana Temple | Image Resource :

To my surprise this temple had several devotees coming from all parts of India to witness the divine grace of the Lord.  I noticed the special arrangements and other meticulous practices observed by the priests during fairs and festivals. It seemed to me like the whole process was a rich collection of tradition and belief. Despite offering services to several devotees the temple and its members offer samaratarian services to the nearby locality. I was happy to be a part of their drives.  The timings in this temple found the ultimate levels of convenience for me. I was able to get a glimpse of the almighty at my will.

Further the services offered and facilities at the halls for marriages were simply brilliant. I could relish the food that was served as offering to the devotees every day. My greatest amazement was when I took a stroll around the temple premises and discovered the untold truths of its brilliance!


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