Garuda Mall Bangalore Shopping : Shop Till You Tire!

What is the favorite exercise for women? Shopping!! I sure have crossed my age bar of being a teenager and stepped into the early thirties. Despite the growing years on my timeline I have never lost interest for shopping! When people schedule vacations for entertainment I once scheduled a trip to Bangalore and the sole motive was to shop till I tire. Every person has a unique taste for apparel and other accessories and in my case I am quite fussy and choosy about what I wear. There was one place I found in Bangalore matching the taste and standards of almost all types of customers.

Guruda Mall Banglore

The Garuda Mall stationed in the heart of the city serves to be the best hub for any shopping freak to explore several multi-national brands and various accessories. The shopping experience here was affordable and indeed a wholesome family package. To my surprise I found the best deals were triggered by customers here owing to the amazing sales team and best prices. Kids have a separate fun zone in here wherein they can stay entertained while the adults shop.

Guruda Mall Banglore

Guruda Mall Banglore | Image Resource :

I have had the opportunity to shop at the best malls in India but I found this place special and extremely compatible to match the needs of people. My eyes could reach out to several brands and I was overwhelmed by the hospitality of the staff. The trial rooms were extremely convenient and the collection was updated.

There was a separate section for not only men and women but also classified collection for choosing apparel. I was extremely satisfied by the brilliant ethnic wear and traditional wear collection and this found place into my shopping bags. Further there was a dedicated place to shop for apparel and shoes. My credit card was in a pitiable state for it had been swiped from time too often as the collection caught my fantasy.

The experience was truly amiable and I have never enjoyed shopping like this ever before. The net result of this journey was my luggage mounting way above the prescribed luggage carrying amount in the domestic carriers all thanks to this mall!


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