Allow self-loving experiences in your Life – Holy Trinity Church Bangalore

Sunday!!!! Time to get laid back and cozy in seat, have a hot bed tea and sleep till late. A complete day to “Just pamper oneself”.

Kids were sleeping and had their own plans to take a stroll in the city. I had all the time for myself .This was one of the blessed Sunday. I decided to relax my mind and experience peace. Holy Trinity Church Bangalore was the name popping up in my mind every now and then one of the famous church in south India. Precisely located at the Trinity Circle at the east end of MG. Road which is one of the major landmark in Bangalore.One most common pulse church relates to a women is its birth which was out of protest but now a peace symbol; Similarly like a birth of women is a fight for major sections of our society but once into world are peace makers. The church came into existence after a revolt with the British ( As East India Company abided one – station- one church policy)and was a second church in same station; Reason behind second church was St Mark’s Cathedral who only accommodated English speaking congregation abandoning the rest.

Beauty is Divine

Holy Trinity Church Bangalore

Holy Trinity Church Bangalore | Image Resource :

Taking small steps up the solid wooden stairs, with eyes glued to the tall bell tower were great bell of church casted by well-known Mears Foundry of London in 1847. Not only this the view offered from the deck was just mesmerizing Entire Bangalore City at a glance. A 158 years old construction yet everything looked so beautiful.Chaplain Rev. W. W. Lutyens designed the furnishings and architecture. The tall statues of generals, officials, mural tablets and memorials inside.  The workmanship had been – “A state of Art” something which is worth seeing. Moving inside the hall marvellous wood carvings of three pair of angels appear which are just above the choir pews as well the table (altar) depicts angels guarding the Holy of Holies. Front pews with brass plates on them are reserved for the honourable residents.

Holy Trinity Church Bangalore

Holy Trinity Church Bangalore | Image Resource :

Giving the reminiscence of Victorian era church serves masses for the local Kannada and Tamil languages at morning and evening. The cross ignites the memories of Queen Victoria’s West Kent regiments those who scarified their lives. Baptism of Jesus is showcased on a stain glass window (Imported from England) fitted atop the tabernacle.Loveliness of the place just reflected serenity, an atmosphere which only allows loving experience to oneself. The visit just made me feel enthusiastic, calm and fully geared up from within. All those who are in search of a divine rejuvenating experience – This is the Place! All you need is time than any big pocket budgets.


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