Goa Hotels : Highway To Paradise!

With the onset of every New Year, I had the habit of making new holiday plans to destinations where we as a family can have a time of a lifetime and then get back to the hectic chores of livelihood. I had been planning to visit Goa during the winter for a long time. One fine day I realized that I am into my thirties and decided that it has to be now or never. I set apart my feminism and negotiated with my family and arranged a vacation finally to the paradise location goa. My vacation was indeed crafted with fantasy all credit to the Goa Hotels.

Goa Hotels

Goa Hotels | Image Resource : goahotelsdirectory.com

I was under a constant fear of the high prices which may put a barrier into my enjoyment but this family trip of mine was well within the affordable rates. The budget of the trip was right under my nose and I had nothing to worry about and no fear. Kids also found this location amazing for they could run and play along the amazing beaches stationed here. Just like how with care we build our sand castles keeping in mind our fairy tales dreams, the hotels here have similar backdrop of offering services to customers. Few brilliant hotels in this region are the Orchid Resorts, Taj Group of hotels, Sunshine Valley, and the Bogmallo Beach resorts.

Despite being a lady of thirty there was no sense of fear here even at odd times of the day. There was always a security service offered by hotels around its perimeter ensuring caution. I can consider this place as a perfect holiday location owing to the extended services of these hotels. There are options like choosing a poolside or beach facing room as well.

My senses were overwhelmed by the response I received during my stay. The Goa Hotels offer several services like spa and gymnasium. This is further complemented by swimming pools and my personal favorite was the heated pools. I was served with mock tails and cocktails by the poolside which was really exciting. The days of mine in goa went past like a breeze and I never wanted these days to end.


One thought on “Goa Hotels : Highway To Paradise!

  1. Goa is on of the most adventurous and romantic peaceful holiday destination spot in India as where one can enjoy their whole trip with full fun with family, friends etc


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