Surat Fort Surat : Enter The Heritage Of Surat And Get Transported To A Bygone Era!

I am a mother of 29 with my hands full of work at the travel desk along with my teenaged kids. But this doesn’t stop me from enjoying my life. I am a multi-tasker who likes to travel and experience life in all its vigour. I love checking out new places in the web when the city of Surat caught my eye. Two days weekend holiday was coming up and I wanted it to be different. I planned to get to Surat by Saturday morning and then leave by Sunday evening. My kids were also ready with their backpack. I put together a budget travel plan with Surat Fort as the prime visiting place.

Surat Fort

Surat Fort | Image Resource :

Though the journey was pretty tiring we were too excited to think about it. I read about the historical importance of the Surat Fort in India and was quite looking forward to see it. This old Fort in Surat was built as a fortification against the attack of the Bhils by the Tughlak. There was a guide to point out to us about the history of the Fort. This Fort is constructed at the bank of the river Tapti. I can also see that many government offices are functioning in its premises. We went to the top that offered us a clear view of the surrounding areas along with the river Tapti. This place altogether gave me a feeling of being in an era when it acted as a defence against its enemies. Well! Imagination truly can be wild and I was truly impressed with the settings all around.

Shopping At Surat

Shopping At Surat | Image Resource :

Filled with wonder and a smile in my face I started back to our hotel. There the kids discussed of going for a small outing of their own in the city. While I gave them permission I also planned to go for a relaxed stroll in the city. The next day we went to the entertainment centre and enjoyed a light shopping. Time was running out and it was nearly time to leave. With sweet memories we packed our bags for our return journey and bid goodbye to the wonderful moments spend in this city!


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