Behold The Most Fantastic Sights In The Sardar Patel Museum Surat!

I love travelling and experiencing thrilling moments every once in a while between my busy schedule as a mother and travel agent. For my next destination I chose Surat, home to a diverse ethnic and cultural mix. In the stage of planning I checked out various accommodations and travel facilities that promised me a budget travel with my family. This city is famous for its diamonds and textiles but the Sardar Patel Museum Surat was really an eye opener. Built in the year 1889 this museum had a special charm that got to me in a very special way.

Sardar Patel Museum Surat

Sardar Patel Museum Surat | Image Resource :

My teenaged kids were also truly excited to be a part of their mother’s adventure and this particular museum did catch their eye. The usual exuberant kid was really quiet as they took in the things displayed in the museum. Even though the manuscripts displayed was a bit difficult for the kids to digest they took it lightly and enjoyed the terracotta handicrafts that where on display. The paintings and the sculptural work done on sandal wood, stone and ivory was also quite fascinating. After spending sometime browsing through the city the kids were very tired.

I had to take a rain check and get back to our hotel that offered homely comfort. Since I was a foodie I was looking forward to a lavish time in the restaurants out here. In fact I was not planning to leave without tasting the delicious dishes of which this city is pretty famous for. They offer Gujarati specialities and every local cuisine including Pav Bhaji. Some of the most luscious dishes that enticed me were the buttery paranthas and the silk khaman. Then there was also the local speciality such as the Lochu. I also had a go at sitting in the footpath and joining the crowd of footpath eateries. This felt as a very incredible experience. Altogether we all had a great and fabulous time in this city and left with the promise of returning soon!


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