Train travel from Pune to Surat In Pune Indore Express!

It is said that a person’s job builds up his personality. My job at a travel desk developed a rich taste for travel in me. Working behind the desk round the clock arranging trips and travel for people I could easily relate to several places and could furnish my ardent desire to commute as well. Travel with the family is an enthralling experience but it can be even better if the whole journey lies within the bounds of a decent budget.

Pune Indore Express

Pune Indore Express | Image Resource :

One such experience of mine with my family was when we during the journey from Pune to Surat by the Pune Indore Express. The whole journey from start to finish was exhilarating. Travelling in train has always been my fantasy. I love meeting new people and making new friends, this journey was no different. It is always a tough time managing tiny tots during the travel and it also is a difficult task keeping the notorious kids seated especially in a train. My concerns were met with by the spectacular scenic beauty the train travel leads onto.

The phenomenal locations and amazing greenery during the travel kept my kids glued to the windows while I enjoyed the best company of few novels. Travelling at various instances by different trains I have always noticed untidy compartments and impromptu services in trains, something about which I was a bit used to but unlike my previous endeavors this instance was special for the train was spick and span( when compared to previous experiences).

This travel route to Surat features along special small stations each of which has their own specialty. In a few stations I found different kind of food and a few stations offered the handicraft specialties of that city. The travel turned out to me a remarkable experience for my family. The pantry car in the train offered very decent and hygienic food with a variety of options as well. Pune Indore Express gave me one of the most cherish able experiences I ever had travelling in a train.


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