Incredible Vansada National Park Surat : Feast Your Eyes On Nature At Its Best!

In my busy life as a mother and travel agent sometime I wish for a breathing space. This time during our family vacation we planned for a few days in Surat. It was our second visit to this lovely place and we still had quite a number of sights to see. As we were talking about where to go first one of my kids came up with the name Vansada National Park Surat. I was able to write down this place into our budget travel with ease. This park was about 120km away from Surat such that we needed to leave early. I found out that this place was open only from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

The Vansada National Park was the royal reserve of the King of Vansda before the independence. Spread over 24sq km this place is believed to have 450 species of plants and 430 species of flowering plants along with mammals, birds, snakes, spiders etc. Then there was also the awesome sight of the Shyardi ranges of the Western Ghats in the west of this park. The tall teak and bamboos gave quite a crick in the neck. But the way nature crowds on you give you such a wonderful feeling such that every second spent here feels worthy of it.

Vansada National Park Surat

Vansada National Park Surat | Image Resource :

Time was getting away and we felt as if we needed to spend more time in here. The closing time arrived in a whoosh and I was as disappointed as my kids. But still we left with a happy frame of mind for we did have a fascinating time in this park. It was dark by the time we reached our hotel and the kids were still in a very excited mood. Since all were awake went to the local cuisines to have a relaxed tasty times. Though hunger pangs were driving me I really wanted to find out about Surat’s famous delicacies. Surprise! The dishes were an absolute delight and I recommend any who comes here that you shouldn’t leave this place without tasting them. Adios!


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