Nature At Its Wildest In Purna Wildlife Sanctuary!

It was vacation time and I wanted my kids to have a unique time which led to the thought of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary Surat. I also had budget travel in mind which made this place all the more perfect. Even though I was all for it I was a little worried about what the kids thought. To my delight they were pretty excited. We left Surat early in the morning. We had to cover around 160 km by road before we reached our destination.

Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiger at Purna Wildlife Sanctuary | Image Resource :

On arriving at the Purna Wildlife Sanctuary we were totally wonder stuck for many reasons. Firstly such pristine dense forest not very far off from a city, unbelievable! The switch over from the chaotic noises of the city to hearing only the rustling sound of wind and the chirping of birds made my heart go bang with pleasure. Even though I am 29+ these settings made me feel like a 16 year old so I decided to travel with kids on a hacking trip they were planning to take. All geared up with our back packs filled with essentials to help us sustain ourselves for the next couple of hours we headed to jungle.

Purna River

Purna River | Image Resource :

The vegetation here is mostly covered with huge teak trees and bamboo brakes. Deep in the forest apart from the sound of wild birds we could hear the faint sound of drums playing. They brought me memories of the numerous Phantom comic books I have read in my childhood days. But here the music was coming from the tribal village of Mahal which is in the centre of this sanctuary on the banks of the river Purna. The trek through the forest was beginning to take its toll on our backs when luckily we were told by one of the tribal that there is a forest rest house where we could rest for some time before we head back. He also briefed us about the animals that habitat in these forests in Mughal period.

After taking adequate rest it was time to head back which we did by dragging our feet for we knew our trip was coming to a close. None of us were eager to leave but alas it was time. With memories of incredible time we started on our way back home.


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