Chintamani Jain Temple Surat : A Sight For Sore Eyes!

A View of Surat

A View of Surat | Image Resource :

Even though I am a mother of teenaged kids and work in a travel agency I always find time to take some time out to enjoy travelling. This time with my kids I planned to go to Surat. I wrote my itiniery and checked out the details of the places to visit according to our budget travel. As soon as we reached here the kids were truly anxious to get going for we had planned only two days family vacation. I heard that Chintamani Jain Temple is a very famous landmark of this city. This led me to the belief that I really should put this place in my itiniery.

The Chintamani Jain Temple was built under the reign of Aurangzeb. I thought my kids will find it tedious and get bored but like me they were also quite enthralled by this temple. The simple interiors that is crafted from inside was a true sight to behold. Then there was also the magnificent vegetable dye paintings that was covering the wooden pillars topped with carved brackets. We spend quite a time down there enthralled by the architecture that was deceptively simple.

Chintamani Temple

Chintamani Temple |  Image Resource :

We headed back to one of the local cuisine restaurants as planned to satiate our roaring stomachs! The colourful dishes caught my attention of which I ordered many. The taste seemed to just burst out from my tongue giving me a feeling of heaven. I saw that my kids were also having a wonderful time as they seemed to be enjoying the delicious dishes. After that I went for shopping while the kids were resting in their rooms watching the TV. I bought some dress materials along with a silk sari. I also purchased a small decorated wood carving as a souvenir of this city.

In the evening under the night lights we roamed the city enjoying the vibrancy of the city people. It seems that even after 11:00pm the city still is on the go. Overall I had a truly great time in this fantastic city and left for home with the thought of coming back for more!


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