Shabari Dham Surat : Feel The Heavenly Bliss!

Idol Of Shabri ,God Ram,Laxman

Idol Of Shabri ,God Ram,Laxman  |   Image Resource :

It was always my dream to visit Shabari Dham in Surat. It is believed that in this place an old lady gave sweet BER to Lord Rama while he was searching for Mata Sita. Being a mother of teenaged kids who also love travelling I planned with them our next family vacation to the beautiful city of Surat. I checked out from the web the various sights and accommodations before starting out for the journey. I was sure that a good budget travel package can be put together.

Shabri Dham

Shabri Dham | Image Resource :

The first two days we roamed around the city and covered most of the sight seeing spots as to the delight of the kids. Even though we all were having a truly grand time, a trip to the Shabari Dham Surat was always in my mind. The next day after we had lunch at a very cool local cuisine restaurant I decided to go to this temple. My kids were also truly looking forward to the journey, for they had heard that the road to this temple is pretty adventurous. They did not want to miss out on any actions.

The whole trip was filled with ghat, twists as well as turning roads. If you look from the side windows you can also see that on both sides of the road there are tall trees and deep valleys. Each turns not only looked pretty scary but also exciting. The place when we reached was set in such scenic beauty that I was unable to take away my eyes for a few minutes. This temple was located on a hill. As I glanced around I saw paintings of the myth of Rama in the walls of the temple. The whole journey of Rama while he journeyed to rescue his wife Sita was painted all over the walls.

After spending sometime among the serene ambience of the temple we got ready to depart to Surat. Departure from Surat to back was set for early morning so we had to get to sleep early. Overall we had a pretty fabulous time in this city of which visiting the temple was a remarkable moment for me!


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