Memorable journey from Pune to Rajahmundry

Vacation time again! I love the season and am excited that I have lots and lots of time to spend with my family. It is usual that we travel together every vacation at least for a week. Each time we are back from a trip, everyone looks forward to the next journey. Besides, everybody clings on to his or her favorite destination. We make sure that every choice is given a consideration and plans are made accordingly. This time it was my choice!  I keep reading about many places in South India. I was particular not to choose any very popular destinations. Finally, I revealed my choice and it happened to be Rajahmundry, a town in the Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

Veiw Of Rajahmundry

View Of Rajahmundry  |  Image Resource :

Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh

Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh  |  Image Resource :

We are a family of five members and traveling together is always fun. I took all the initiative to have the tickets booked for the journey. My travel operator was prompt enough to provide me the tickets I requested for.  It was an evening train travel from Pune to Rajahmundry by Konark Express scheduled at 7 pm. Our bags were packed and we set on for the journey. I had gone through various sources on what to do and where to go …to explore the new place. We arrived at the busy Pune Junction and eagerly waited for the train. As the train arrived, we boarded and settled down quickly. By 8:30, we had dinner, which we had packed from home, and then everyone was off to sleep.

View Of Pune

View Of Pune | Image Resource :

Konark Express

Konark Express  |  Image Resource :

We arrived in Rajahmundry at 5 pm the next day; the Konark Express arrived a few minutes late. We proceeded to Hotel Shelton, which is one of the finest in the location. It was indeed a great location and we were impressed by the services. The hotel had arranged a vehicle to take us around the place. By evening, we were out and walked down the streets of the town. As I am a foodie, all the hotel name boards were tantalizing, my mother was busy with her jewelry shopping. Finally, it was food time; we chose to have Biriyani, which is the most popular dish of the locality. Wow! The dinner was delicious! We returned to the room and began to plan the next day’s itinerary.


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