Sri Sarangadhareswara swami temple – Experience the showers of blessings!

Things have been going well with our trip. It was day 3 and everything was working perfectly according to my prepared schedule. Rajahmundry is a place of many temples and interesting mythologies related to it. Temples have always been my fascination and next on the schedule was visiting the famous Sri Sarangadhareswara swami temple. We were all ready and in a complete different mood as it is a temple visit.

Sri Sarangadhareswara Swamy Temple

Sri Sarangadhareswara Swamy Temple | Image Resource :

I heard somebody knocking at the door. As I opened, I could see a smiling and courteous staff of the hotel was there to inform that car is arranged for the trip, which is already waiting. We quickly got out of the room and walked into the elevator. We had our accommodation on the second floor from where I enjoyed the fabulous view of the town. I enquired the driver about the distance to the temple and he responded by telling that was very nearby. Within 20 minutes, we made it to the temple.

As we got off the car, we could experience the divine atmosphere. Devotional songs were played loudly and somehow by listening to such slokas I get more involved with the divine surroundings. It was a lovely morning and I could see many women dressed in traditional saris with flowers on the hair, chanting prayers, offering flowers and wow! India is truly rich with its traditions!

It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and I was told some of the major festivals the temple are Mahasivaratri Kalyanam, Devinavarathrulu, karthikamasam, kanuma theertham and Subramanya sasti. I have visited many temples across the country and what surprises me is all about the uniqueness of the temples.  We walked in to have a good darshan of the deity, such a wonderful and peaceful feeling! We walked towards the pandit who was distributing Prasad, which included few flowers and some holy water.

Sri Sarangadhareswara Swamy Devasthanam

Sri Sarangadhareswara Swamy Devasthanam  |  Image Resource :

What a way to start a day! I wished I could this everyday! We sat at the entrance of the temple and clicked a few photographs. As we got into the car, we began discussing about the day’s further programs. Rajahmundry….an interesting place…I am happy that my choice worked out to be a great one!


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