Iskcon temple – An attraction forever!

It was a perfect family vacation and all of us were happy to be at an exotic location. Excellent service and hospitality of the hotel staff deserve appreciation. They co-operated with us and helped us to get around the place by providing useful guidance. I wanted to make sure that I do not miss out any interesting locations. As I had a week in hand to spend time there, I was sure that I could cover all the places of interest.

Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry

Iskcon Temple  |  Image Resource :

The little town is home to many beautiful temples. We had already been to Sri Sarangadhareswara swamy temple, which was a superb experience.  I have observed through my travel experiences that temples in different parts of India are entirely distinct from each other.  Moreover, I am passionate about hearing numerous Hindu mythologies. Idol worship and strong beliefs continue to be the strength and tradition of the country. It was yet another day for a temple visit. Next place according to my schedule was the Iskcon center.

Lord Balaji Iskon Temple

Lord Balaji Iskon Temple  |  Image Resource :

I have been to their center in Mumbai and Bangalore. It is blend of spirituality with various humanitarian activities to its credit. I have observed that there are many devotees regardless of age and have tried to understand their involvement in the prayers. The chanting of prayers and rhythmically sung bhajans were soothing to the ears and mind. With an expectation of a similar atmosphere, I reached the Iskcon center located in Gowthami Ghat. As expected, I could see a clean and divine aura.

Gowthami Ghat

Gowthami Ghat  |  Image Resource :


Idol In Temple

Idol In Temple  |  Image Resource :

I saw many devotees dressed in white kurtas and dhotis and were busy with their prayers. It was a pleasant atmosphere and all of us spend a few minutes in front of the beautiful idol and experienced the peace being there. I was keen to know more about the activities. I walked up to a person in the temple counter and he directed me to the office where a middle-aged person gave an entire picture of the various activities. It included cow protection, school for children, annadhanam and many more. A wonderful organization with humble and noble activities! I felt proud of them!


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