Hotel Anand Regency – A superb treat for visitors!

After all the excitement of having visited the Dowleshwaram Barrage and the Cotton Museum, it was already lunchtime. I preferred to have traditional food, as I love to taste different flavors of the country. We did not plan where to go and did not have much idea about the restaurants around. I spoke to the driver and mentioned our requirement. He told me that he would take us to a great place and drove us to a premium hotel in the city. Yes! As the driver mentioned it seemed awesome! Hotel Anand Regency as it is called is a great place to be!

A View Of Hotel Outside

A View Of Hotel Outside |  Image Resource :

As we entered the hotel, a staff walked toward us and enquired about our requirement. He told us that there were two in-house restaurants. ‘Aaharam restaurant served traditional cuisine whereas ‘Canopy’ was a multi-cuisine restaurant. We were interested in having traditional vegetarian food. We walked into the restaurant, and it was a perfect, elegant ambience with excellent arrangements. As it was lunchtime, many tables were occupied and we could see families with small children enjoying the meal.

We found our seats and walked towards the table. Menu cards were already placed and all of picked up to see the menu of vegetarian delights.  A great choice of meals! A staff came near the table to attend us,  he told us that ‘thali meals’ were the special lunch item. The thought itself was mouth-watering! We placed an order for two thali meals and the others preferred rotis and vegetable. We had to wait about 15 minutes until they served the meal for us.

The meal looked delicious; it had two rotis and seven bowls of different varieties of curry and dry vegetable. A traditional sweet dish was also part of the meal. We started having our meal, and I was impressed by the different flavors. After having the warm rotis, I requested for rice. Steamy white rice, nothing else could be a better meal! Rasam, sambar, curds and  pickle! Had a great time indeed…Before winding up I had to end it all with a lip smacking semiya payasam! A great day and a superb meal!


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