Sir Arthur Cotton Museum – A distinctive museum!

Prime tourist location in Rajahmundry is the massive structure of the Dowleshawam Barrage and we were happy to have visited such a wonderful site. Close to the barrage was a museum, which was dedicated to the Delta engineer, Sir Arthur Cotton who was the mastermind behind the construction of the barrage. I did not have much knowledge or insight about the museum. All of us anxiously walked through a huge which had the name board written in Telugu, I guessed it all!

Entrance Of Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

Entrance Of Sir Arthur Cotton Museum | Image Resource :

Statue Of Sir Arthur Cotton Museum

Statue Of Sir Arthur Cotton Museum | Image Resource :

As we walked along, we were pleased to see a well-maintained garden with vast stretches of lawns and plenty of flowerpots. The garden also had a number of decorative plants. I could two women who were busy watering the plants and cleaning the area. It was a pleasant and pristine environment. At the entrance of the museum, a counter was open which collected very nominal entry fee from the visitors. Additional amount was charged if we wanted to carry the cameras in-house. The building seemed very neat and clean and was ready to invite the guests.  

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As we purchased the entry tickets, we walked into the spacious rooms. It looked interesting; there were many models of equipments used for the construction of the barrage. Every model displayed had a note in front of it explaining about the functions and the usefulness of the equipment. It makes us think about the hard work of a genius and how limited resources were used to the maximum for achieving a goal. Innovative ideas of yester years are a motivation for the present engineer aspirants.

A group of engineering students was also within the museum and they had their pens and papers to note down useful points. The Cotton museum was one-of–a-kind that preserved and displayed ideas of civil engineering. There were models of the rail track, an ancient plough machine, shutters of the barrage and so on. There is still a lot to learn from eminent personalities who have made immense contributions to the nation. It was another day to add knowledge about a great personality and no wonder even after millenniums we learn and wish to know more about ancient innovations.


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