Aryabhatta science & technology society – Adding glory to Rajahmundry!

After an array of temple visits , the next was all about an insight into science and technology! As the town  is home to a leading science and technology society dedicated to Aryabhatta, the great mathematician whose theories and principles are followed even today. I have gone through several sources that narrate the life of the eminent personality with the little information that the archeologists could collect over ages. I take all the pride and grab the opportunity to visit the society, which was very near to the hotel we, stayed. My family and I were ready after a superb lunch session.


Aryabatta  |  Image Resource :

We reached the museum that was located in Andhra Pradesh Housing Board colony. The building is not very large but it had two floors and the most evident feature was the concrete model of an aircraft, which was mounted on the roof. The aircraft had the name of the society painted on it. Anxieties were pricking my mind about the in-house contents.  A staff of the society was at the entrance who gave us a little bit of guidance about the mathematician and the displayed items.

There were many sections relating to life science, physical science, human anatomy, lab items and so on. We walked on to the section of physical science. I t had many models like the phases of the moon, galvanometer, working models of the solar system, it was truly impressive and I was feeling proud to be  in a country of geniuses. There were many models relating to dams, irrigation and so on. A section that explained numerous experiments on air pressure, water pressure, theory of floatation were all very useful for students.

We then moved on to the human anatomy section. There were plenty of specimens stored in preservatives. I was seeing many specimens for the first time in life; it included the tiger crab, skeleton of a whale and a dead sea turtle which was really a huge one. There were many handcrafted items from scraps like tree trunks, stems and so on. I was amazed to see several exclusive and beautifully crafted items. Another major attraction was the models relating to historical monuments in India. India Gate, Shivaji’s Fort was among them. All of enjoyed the trip and felt it was very useful.


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