Markandeya temple – Pray and attain peace!

In a trip for a week, days flew, and almost five days passed by. I am happy that I could visit almost all the key places in and around the town. Every time I am on vacation, I make sure I do not miss out any temples nearby. I visited some of the most beautiful temples in the city and the next visit is planned for another interesting temple, Sri Uma Markandeya temple. The temple holds an interesting history where a sage, Mrukhanada through sincere meditation happens to see Lord Shiva in prayers.

Markandeya Temple

Markandeya Temple | Image Resource :

God was pleased with her meditation and wanted to bless her with a boon. It was a tough choice for the sage when God put forward two options. She could either have a child who would live up to 11 years or chose to have a husband. Sage undoubtedly chose the first option and was happy with the child. The child also was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva who regularly offered prayers. God was pleased once again and gave him life even after his assigned span of 11 years. The child placed an idol Shiva within the temple that people worship even today.

Markandeya Swami

Markandeya Swami | Image Resource :

I was fascinated by the story and excited to visit the place. We left in the morning so that we could be there for the morning aaarti. Divine ambience of the temple was absolutely stunning. The temple bells were ringing, the pandit was chanting mantras, and devotees with their hands together were concentrating on the puja while placing their sight on the idol. After the puja was done, we were all given Prasad. I walked around the temple and it was not very huge. It had a typical South Indian monumental tower at the entrance. There were a number of devotees within the temple as the locals were familiar with the timings of regular puja.

Markandeya Vivaham

Markandeya Vivaham | Image Resource :

Music was played within which were slokas of Lord Shiva, I could experience the divinity. I along with my family found a silent place in a corner of the temple where we sat for about 15 minutes. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the slokas that were being played. What a wonderful feeling! A temple visit can do wonders to a person….Great way to start a day!


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