Alaya Nritya Kala Vaanam – A Well-Maintained Dance Temple Park!

Long awaited vacation was ending; I spent six days in the beautiful city of Rajahmundry. However, it is not an alluring tourist destination, people who wish to enjoy unique place with rich traditions, and then it is a fine choice! No one will be disappointed for having chosen a destination like Rajahmundry. There is plenty to see, learn and understand about diverse cultures prevalent in India.

I was returning to Pune early morning, and since I had the entire day to spend for outing, I chose to visit the Alaya Nritya Kala Vaanam of which I had very less knowledge. The golden colored statues depicting dance and music is a major attraction of the temple park. It is said that the park was built to promote pilgrimage in the city. The park offers a serene aura that the tourists enjoy. Visitors to the park can also visit the neighbouring areas like the Freedom fighters Park and Sreepada Park.

Alaya Nritya Kala Vaanam

Alaya Nritya Kala Vaanam | Image Resource :

We planned to have lunch in the nearby restaurant. I have been fortunate to taste several diverse flavors and it was the final day of the trip. The entire family had the traditional Andhra meal and enjoyed every bit of it. W returned to the hotel, it was time to pack up for the return journey. Amazing trip, wonderful memories, lovely pictures clicked and many unforgettable experiences. I had enough to add to my travel experience.

Train was scheduled at 5 am, which would drop us at Pune junction at 2am the next day. All of us took a nap and it was a pleasant evening when we decided to walk around the shopping area. As usual the evenings were busy; we passed by the famous malls in the city. There were a number of them, which included Big Bazar, Kalaniketan and Reliance Mart. Exclusive sari showrooms displayed colorful and elegant sarees. It was a fascinating sight! The time has come to bid adieu to this wonderful location. Hoping to be here sometime in future.

We did not have time for a deep sleep. I set the alarm for 3.30am and we woke up, quickly were dressed and rushed to the railway station. I thanked Rajahmundry for making my vacation a great one!


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