The Train Journey From Pune To Kolhapur By Mahalakshmi Express Train – The Beginning of a Mesmerizing Tour

Pune Railway Station

Pune Railway Station | Image Resource :

My journey from Pune to Kolhapur started via train journey from Pune junction (Pune) to C.Shahumaharaj Terminus Kolhapur (Kop) by Mahalakshmi Express train. I reached the station early and was quite excited to visit the area. I thought of buying some magazines and newspapers, which would help me to pass some time on the train. The train started on time and I was feeling happy about the journey. Such trips are really recharging and help me to get over my busy work schedule. Kolhapur is rich in history with all ancient monuments and archaeological buildings that are some 500 to 600 years old. Kolhapur is one of the districts of Maharashtra, located at the bank of Panchganga River and has a total of 66.82 square kilometres. The city is situated in the southwest part of the state.

A Veiw Of Kolhapur

A Veiw Of Kolhapur | Image Resource :

The journey was 12 hours long and for that reason I settled on my seat and prepared myself for the long journey. The AC compartment was quite comfortable and the climate outside was very chilling as well. I started reading the magazines and the newspaper that I had bought from the station. After some time I thought of chatting a bit with a guy seating opposite to my seat. He was a techie and was going to his hometown. It was good chatting with the guy and we shared lots of information amongst ourselves. At last we even ended up exchanging our phone number and I hope to talk to him some time later. I gathered a lot of useful info about the local people from him.

The train services were good enough and the staff served dinner at around 8.30 pm. After finishing the food, I chatted with my new friend for a while and then decided to go to sleep. But before that I decided to pen down my entire experience on a diary so that I can recall each and every moment later on. After a good sleep on the comfortable seat, I woke up in the morning and had a cup of hot coffee. The train journey from Pune Junction (Pune) to C.Shahumaharaj Terminus Kolhapur (Kop) by Mahalakshmi Express train was comfortable enough. I decided to head to a hotel before visiting Mahalaksmi temple.  There were quite a few hotels in Kolhapur and the place was quite good.


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