Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur – The Best Place to Stay in Kolhapur

After visiting the different tourist destinations and other places in Kolhapur, a stay at Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur is extremely pleasing. I had a feeling as if I am back at my own place. The hotel is situated in the heart of the city and is one of the most renowned places to stay. The services and cuisines are really famous and give you all the pleasure and have an exquisite taste. I decided to spend my night at this hotel in order to take advantage of the services and cuisines for which it is famous. The unique tradition of Kolhapur was used for welcoming me and I saw that the hotel ensures that it treats each and every guest carefully. It is perfect for both business as well as leisure travels. There are 24 rooms in total available and while planning my trip, I had booked one of them. While I was browsing through the hotel’s website, I discovered that each room is twin bedded and provides all the luxurious facilities to the guests.

Hotel Jotiba

Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur |  Image Resource :

I was staying in an air-conditioned room which had all the facilities. After a day full of trips and travels, I decided to take a shower, which helped me to relax a bit. The room was spacious and was equipped with all the items of luxury. The customer service was excellent as well. The room offered me modern amenities and stylish pieces of furniture. There was a special wardrobe along with a changing place, places for storing my luggage and others. I started writing my dairy noting each and every detail of the trip, the places where I had visited, the specialties, and the best transportation mode to the place, so that I can help other members in case they ask me about ways to visit this destination.


Restaurant |  Image Resource :

Banquet Hall

Banquet Hall |  Image Resource :

There are many other hotels in Kolhapur but believe me, the Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur is unique and best because of its customer service and the uniquely spacious rooms. The location also adds to its credit as it is centrally placed and I could access all the facilities easily. After having my dinner I had a comfortable sleep. I woke up around 7 am in the morning and started planning for the rest of my trip. I planned to start my day by visiting Siddhagiri museum Kolhapur.


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