Panhala Fort Kolhapur – Rich in History

Panhalgad Village

Panhalgad Village, within Panhalgad Fort |  Image Resource :

In this post, I want to admit that my visit to Kolhapur is enriched with history associated with the place. The Panhala Fort Kolhapur is situated in Panhala, which is around twenty kilometres in the north western region from the main city, Kolhapur. The palace was strategically built during the earlier times in the Sahyadari mountain range, which gave a nice view of the city. The name ‘Panhala’ means ‘the home of serpents’ and is the main trade centre route from Bijapur to the other coastal areas of Maharashtra. The fort was constructed in the year 1178 and has a height of around 845 meters. Stone and lead were used to build the structure. The place is also famous for some famous battles amongst the Marathas, Mughals and the British East India Company. The most famous was the battle of Pavan Khind. Several parts and structures of the fort are still intact and show how strongly the structure was built. The fort is one of the largest ones in Deccan and covers around 14 kilometres. The palace has nearly 110 lookout posts and is 2772 ft above sea level.

Aerial View Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort Kolhapur  |  Image Resource :

Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort |  Image Resource :

A View Of Panhala fort

A View Of Panhala fort |  Image Resource :

The place has now been used to construct a government office, a hostel and a school. The other parts of the fort are open for tourists and I found that it is frequently visited by many. Panhala town is one of the major hill stations in Maharashtra and the fort has been declared as the protected place by the Government of India. The place is only twenty kilometres away from the city and several transportations are available. Different food stalls and other shops are available around the fort, where I stopped and tried a few items, each one of them was really amazing and unique in taste.

View from fort

View from fort |  Image Resource :

The whole campus was well built and boosted by the location of the fort. It is believed that the Queen of Kolhapur, Tarabai spent lots of time in the fort. The palace had been controlled by the Marathas, the Mughals, the ruler of Bijapur and lastly by the British East India Company. Now the fort is totally controlled by the government and is one of the protected places. After returning from the Panhala Fort Kolhapur, I was feeling a bit tired and returned to the hotel exhausted. Thus, I decided to plan my trip tomorrow morning.

Baji Prabhu Statue in Panhalgad Fort

Baji Prabhu Statue in Panhalgad Fort |  Image Resource :


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