Interesting Facts about Siddhagiri Museum Kolhapur

Siddhagiri Math

Siddhagiri Math Kolhapur | Image Resource :

The Siddhagiri Museum Kolhapur is quite famous and laden with a wide range of structures, which are of great importance historically. The museum is located at Kaneri near Kolhapur in the state of Maharashtra. On reaching there, I found out that the full name of the museum is Sidhagiri Gramjivan Museum. It is located at Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math. The place is quite famous, but the museum is hardly known to all. It is due to this reason that I found out the visit to be more exciting. The place is close to the Pune Bangalore highway and the museum has been in existence since 1000 years. The location is also reputed as the holy place of Lord Shiva. The area is very beautiful with hills all around and complete greenery has surrounded it with different collections of flora as well as fauna. The museum covers around 7 acres of land, which constitutes 80 views and around 300 statues. Such places really excite me and I really loved each and every moment of my trip.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva | Image Resource :

Village life

Village life in Siddhagiri | Image Resource :

The complete place comprises of Gramjivan or the village life, which means all the items represent the life of a village. The place has 12 main occupation based castes and 18 Balutedars, which provide different devices and equipment to the villagers to carry out their day-to-day needs, both professional as well as domestic. I was completely enthralled by the ecstatic view of the greenery in the surrounding areas. The museum depicts the village life and every aspect related to it. It is the perfect combination of the imagination of the villagers and the hard work that they put forth. The goldsmiths and their work, barber shops, village well, grocery shops, stitching quilt and the view of the farmers ploughing the field are all amazing. This place, I believe offers perfect healthy environment for kids and children.

The Siddhagiri Museum Kolhapur is one of the best tourist destinations in the city and I reached the place via Kolhapur Bangalore national highway 4. The place happens to be nearly 10 to 12 kilometres away from the city. You can take any mode of transportation from Kolhapur and reach Gokul Shirgaon Junction and from there head towards Kaneri village. The museum is nearly four to five kilometres from there. There is a Shiva temple in the village and is also a good place to visit. From there I had decided to head towards the Shahu Palace of Kolhapur.


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