Aguada Fort Goa – A Seventeenth Century Portuguese Bastion

Aguada Fort Goa

Aguada Fort Goa | Image Resource :

Aguada Fort, Goa has been named aptly. Agua in Portuguese meant water and so Aguada referred to a place where water was accumulated. We had asked for a guide to meet us at the beach so that he could accompany us to the fort. The guide fell into a steady chatter belting information after information about the place. The essential information about the fort was not known to us and in that respect the guide was most useful to us.

Sinquerim beach

Sinquerim Beach Goa | Image Resource :

The fort had been built around 1609 or 1612 and had been a Portuguese Bastion. Its main purpose was to keep away the foreign invaders like the Dutch and the Marathas from invading old Goa during those times. The location of the fort was also very strategic since it was in the estuary of the river Mandovi on the Sinquerim beach overlooking the Arabian Sea. The entire fort was like a remnant of the past. It was divided into two sections – the upper part, which was supposed to be the grandstand for canons and most famous for its fresh water supplies and the lower section, which seemed like a safe berth for the Portuguese ships to park. Near the entrance of the fort was the unmistakable Portuguese lighthouse possibly the oldest of its kind in Asia.

Sunset at Sinquerim beach

Sunset at Sinquerim beach | Image Resource :

The upper area of the fort seemed most important for the guide mentioned it had a lot of features like the underground water storage chamber, a gunpowder room and may be a secret passage for escape during wars. How interesting it all sounded! Nevertheless, history says, he said that the fort was later converted into a prison during the Salazar administration to imprison western tourists who served their term for drug related crimes. The entire tour of the Aguada Fort was a revelation of the history of this part of India. The fort surely was an important structure, which was most likely a reference point for vessels coming from Europe. We saw the breathtaking picture of the setting sun from the fort and sated, we returned to our hotel for yet another exciting day the next day when we’d go to the Mangeshi Temple, Goa.

Prison at Aguada Fort

Prison at Aguada Fort -Goa | Image Resource :

View of The beach From The Top Of The Aguada Fort

View of The beach From The Top Of The Aguada Fort | Image Resource :


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