My Paradise Journey from Pune to Goa By Goa Express – A Comfortable and Pleasant One


Aerial View of Goa | Image Resource :

My job at the travel desk entails recommending and handling vacations for others, but with my paradise journey from Pune (Pune) to Goa (Madgao (Mao)) by Goa Express, my dream to travel to Goa with my family had come true. Being the kind of workaholic that I am, despite all the multi-tasking, it was difficult to set aside days of travel for myself but obviously not impossible. I had already announced among peers that Sunita Katoch was finally taking her time off to visit Goa to spend time with her husband and sons. I was feeling lucky since all I got were either the envious indifferences or appreciative approvals.

My train was due for departure at 4:20 in the evening. I had been looking forward to this one for quite a while now, but time constraints had left me quite ill-prepared. But Satish, my husband had been a darling and took care of most of the packing himself. The disappointing ones were my sons who never seem to have any time for anything else but their video games. At least, they’d be coaxed to be outdoors. We left home sharp at 3:20 to the railway station with our luggage and dinner all packed. I personally abhorred the train food so obviously I would not let any of us have it. My domestic help was like God sent. The railway station outwardly looked like in a state of total chaos, but remarkably all the people on the platform did have a sense of purpose in their strides.

Goa Express

Goa Express | Image Resource :

Inside Train

Inside Train | Image Resource :

We settled in our train, which was my paradise journey from Pune (Pune) to Goa (Madgao (Mao)) by Goa Express simply because I could imagine all the fun that I would have with my family after such a long time. But all of us seemed to be doing our own things. I suppose you cannot expect a lot of attention from teenagers. The train had picked up speed and we ate and retired to our berths. We would reach Goa the next morning by 5:40 and I had prior bookings at The Tree House Blue for the stay.

Madgao Junction Goa

Madgao Junction Goa | Image Resource :


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