Majorda Beach Goa for Fun and Frolic with the Sun and Sand

Majorda Beach Goa

Majorda Beach Goa | Image Resource :

The enthusiasm of the kids was infectious. The Majorda Beach, Goa was not far from the hotel so once we finished our breakfast, I recommended that we check out the place. Newer places and surroundings can have this effect on people; they behave in novel ways too. It just required my mentioning and everybody surprisingly got ready very quickly. The washroom in our room was very impressive with a separate bathing enclosure that my kids took a fancy too. So after what felt like ages but was at least a good one hour later, we were all waiting downstairs for a local commute of any kind to go to the beach. The woman at the reception offered the young boys the option of cycling to the beach, which they jumped at. Hence, with a couple of rented bicycles, my sons took off, followed by us in a cab.

Majorda Beach At Goa

Majorda Beach At Goa | Image Resource :

At Beach

At Beach | Image Resource :

Sunset at majorda

Sunset at majorda | Image Resource :

The beach was situated in the southern part of Bagmola. It was a lovely combination of golden sand, blue sky and white waves on the beach, which was truly mesmerizing. Ahead of us was a long stretch of smooth sand, and my husband and I started walking on it. The boys were twosome and the place looked safe enough so we left them to enjoy on their own. There were a lot of people on the beach; some were relaxing under beach umbrellas while a few others were reclining on pool chairs. A number of shacks were also at a distance, which was something that I related to Goan beaches.

Evening at beach

The Majorda Beach, Goa was quite famous for bakeries and other cuisines, which I was dying to try out. The European fine art of bakery had been inculcated into the culture of this place. We stopped at an eatery to try out the steaks and the schezuan specialties, which were yummy. I made a mental note of being more prepared for the next time we came to a beach. Since we were carrying no change of clothes, we could not take a dip in the sea. Instead, we left for the Aguada Fort, Goa for sightseeing.

Moonset at majorda beach

Moonset at majorda beach | Image Resource :

An evening view of majorda beach

An evening view of majorda beach | Image Resource :


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