Mangeshi Temple Goa – A 400-Year Old Shiva Temple

Shri Mangeshi Temple

Shri Mangeshi Temple | Image Resource :

My next morning in the studio apartment of the hotel we stayed in was one hectic morning. The kids insisted we cook our own breakfast in the apartment kitchen and I who gloriously suck at cooking and all things related could not even protest. These are the times when Satish helps me out with such ease that I am reminded of all the reasons why I had married him in the first place. The man was a born cook and a good one at that. And with his patience and skill, we had quite a treat. He made omelette for us while I toasted the bread and the boys helped clear the kitchen later. Okay, the place was serviced but I hated to leave an extra mess. Once we wrapped up all of it, we got ready to go to the Mangeshi Temple Goa.

Lord Shri Mangesh

Lord Shri Mangesh | Image Resource :

Mangeshi Temple Goa

Mangeshi Temple Goa | Image Resource :

Shri Mangeshi Temple at night

Shri Mangeshi Temple at night | Image Resource :

The temple was a very famous temple in the northern part of Goa and it took us close to an hour to reach there. The chief deity was Lord Shiva, but Parvati, Lord Ganesha, and Nandi Bull were other Gods who were worshipped too. The temple proper, they say, had initially been in the Kushasthali Cortalim area, which was a small village in Salchette but with the constant threat of Portuguese invasion, it was shifted under the Hindu kings and the temple as it could be seen at present was done at the behest of the Marathas. The main sections of the temple were the 7 storey Deepstambha (Lamp Tower), the magnificent water tank, the Sabha Griha and the Garbha Griha. Most noteworthy were the impressive chandeliers of the 19th century and the serenity of the Temple Lake, which preserved the sanctity of the place.

Magnificent water tank

Magnificent water tank | Image Resource :


Deepstambha | Image Resource :

The Mangeshi Temple, Goa observed many rituals on a daily basis but we had reached at the Maha Aarti time and it was truly a blessed feeling to be there at that time. The chanting filled the atmosphere of the place with a certain unexplained divinity, while we stood with full devotion amongst others to pray. We were to go to the Se Cathedral Church next and I was looking forward to being blessed there as well.


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