Stay With Family at the Tree House Blue – A Quiet Place for Noisy Families

There are perks of being in the travel industry; I knew just the place I would have liked to stay in South Goa. My stay with family at the Hotel Tree House Blue would go down in my travelogue as the most comfortable, relaxed and eventful stay ever. The train was right on schedule and we dragged our sleepy boys out as the train halted there only for 5 minutes. The morning air was misty and cool and I hugged myself to feel warm. Instead, I felt the warmth seep in my eyes when I stole a glance to look at my grown up boys and a forgetful husband, who still loves me to the core. God had been kind to me. Soon we all huddled together in a rented cab to go to the hotel.

Hotel Tree House Blue Goa

Hotel Tree House Blue Goa | Image Resource :

The address with me for the hotel was Curilo Waddo, next to Basilio College, Majorda in Salcetta but I did not have to refer to it because the local driver seemed to know it. We were told that all southern Goa and its attractions were quite nearby. Soon we reached the hotel and the woman in the reception greeted us with a smile. A few formalities later we made our way to our studio apartment. The serviced apartment was very spacious with a living area, 2 separate rooms, a small kitchen with a little dining area and a balcony, which had lovely views. All this for a sum of 4,153 rupees exclusive of taxes; I took a bow. My children went in an exploring mode, while one went to check out the bathrooms, the other was scrutinizing all the essential items in the kitchen such as microwave, cutlery, mixer cum grinder and others. The same boys were such lazy bones back in their home, but there was an altogether different excited vibe around them in the hotel.

Bedroom view of hotel Tree House Blue

Bedroom view of hotel Tree House Blue | Image Resource :

Amenities in kitchen

Amenities in kitchen | Image Resource :


I had great expectations with my stay with family at the Hotel Tree House Blue because one look at the swimming pool assured me that my boys would love it. The hotel travel desk later informed us that the Majorda Beach, Goa was a stone throw’s distance from the hotel.

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