Se Cathedral Church Goa – The Most Beautiful Portuguese Church

Since we were in the northern part of Goa, we visited the Se Cathedral Church, Goa. The church was extremely important among the Portuguese. The boys reluctantly tagged along because Goa for them was just about beaches and water sports and they somewhat disliked being taken to places of worship one after the other. But I promised them that this was going to be different. And that it was. Located in old Goa, the church had a great significance in the history of Goa and also had a great importance spiritually. The church was dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria and had been built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese over a Muslim army.

Se Cathedral Church

Se Cathedral Church Goa | Image Resource :

From the moment I entered the church, I was taken aback by the architectural beauty of the place. The styles used in the construction of the place could be Portuguese, Tuscan or maybe Corinthian but I am no expert on the subject so I would rather refrain to expand further on the subject. Yet, nothing that I’ve ever seen could surpass the beauty of this church. Built under the reign of King Dom Sebastiao, the cathedral construction was finished by 1619. The main feature of the church was a large bell known as the Golden Bell in accordance with the color of the bell. The most striking thing that next caught my attention was the altar on either side of which were several old paintings, which I looked at with full interest.

Se Cathedral Church

Se Cathedral Church | Image Resource :

Se Cathedral

Se Cathedral | Image Resource :

The locals here in Goa and people in the church believe that a vision of Christ had appeared in 1919 on the Chapel of the Cross of Miracles. The ceremony of Baptism is carried out in the church with much reverence. While spending some time in the church, there was a distinct feeling of divinity touching my soul and I could see the similar feeling in the eyes of my children and my husband. We returned to the hotel rather quietly but possibly basking inwardly for we were in the company of the Lord. The next day we’d visit the Museum of Christian Art and I am sure that’d be fun too.


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