Colva Beach Goa – For the Most Amazing Time of Life

We were going straight to the Colva Beach, Goa after the museum. The beach, we were told stretched for about 2.4 kilometers, a part of which was a stretch of white sand lined by the coconut palms. The extents of the beach were Bogmalo to the north and Cabo de Rama to the south. The moment we reached closer to the beach, I could hear the waves crashing at the shores and the air too also had a distinct saltiness to it. Beaches are places that are not only visually appreciated but all our senses are affected by it equally. The touch of the sand is unique and the sounds are welcoming; the eyes savor the beauty and the feel of the air leave you mystical. Such was the impact of this beach on me.

Colva Beach Goa

Colva Beach Goa | Image Resource :

Colva Beach Sunset

Colva Beach Sunset Goa | Image Resource :

The earliest residents of the area around the beach were the Goud Saraswat Brahmins but it was the Portuguese later that bought the area under their own administration. But the beach here was something else altogether. It was possibly the cleanest beach I have ever seen while travelling to various beach destinations and believe me when I say that I have visited quite a number of them. There were too many things to do on the beach. There were these water sports happening in one area that instantly attracted my young and daring boys. These sports in Goa do maintain great safety standards so I was not very worried when they tried parasailing and the water scooter thing. My eyes never left them and I guess that comes with me naturally; it may sound clichéd and all but I am the mother after all.

beautiful parasailing

beautiful parasailing at Colva Beach | Image Resource :

water scooter

water scooter at Beach | Image Resource :

Once they finished all that they wanted to do, we proceeded to the shacks to do what I liked doing the most – sampling the food being sold in the shacks. The uniqueness of a place can be determined by the variety and exclusivity that it has in its cuisine. We ate to our heart’s content and we left the Colva Beach Goa to go to Anjuna Beach, Goa but it would have to happen the next day because the sun was already setting on us.

Sunset and people at goa

Sunset and people at goa | Image Resource :

Beach View Goa

Beach View Goa | Image Resource :


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