Museum Of Christian Art Goa – A Unique Building With Great Cultural Heritage

The previous day had been very soothing for all of us. As adults, the essence of the places that we visited was treasured by us but for the boys too, it was very calming. The morning was beautiful and we had made plans to have a swim in the pool. None of us had a bath and we headed straight to the pool. What ensued was games and fun in the pool that was extremely relaxing to us. At least as far as I was concerned, the trip was turning out to be fantastic; not only was I spending quality time with my family, but I was personally also having great fun and all my worries took a back seat for a while. We planned to go to the Museum of Christian Art Goa and I was sure I could get my children interested in this one.

Museum Of Christian Art Goa

Museum Of Christian Art Goa | Image Resource :

This museum is said to be one of its own kind in the whole of Asia. The driver that we had hired took us to the Convent of Santa Monica in the old Goa area and it was also quite close to World Heritage Monuments. The benefactor and the visionary of this museum was the Archdiocese himself. He had sought financial help from the Indian National Trust for Art and from the Calhouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal to get this place started. Initially, the museum was at the Seminary of Rachol, Salchette but soon it was shifted here.

Ivory In Museum

Ivory In Museum | Image Resource :

The churches of Goa are steeped in the richness of culture and history. The collection at the Museum of Christian Art, Goa is like a representation of the Indo-Portuguese Christian Art forms that can be seen here in all its monuments. There were sculptures, paintings, the cross, and various other objects of historical significance that interested foreigners and the general populace as well. We moved around, pausing to see the figurines and also made it a point to read the plaques placed near it. They were informative and revealed all that needed to be known about each of the artifacts. I had come prepared because we were hitting the Colva Beach, Goa next.

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