Baga Beach Goa – Heaven on Earth on a Beach!

Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa | Image Resource :

I can’t really fight the kids when they want something. Satish and I were key figures in spoiling our kids, but we have raised them to be a lot better as well. Goa and Baga Beach, Goa were the spoiling part. The camera rolls were fast filling up and my diary was being crammed with all my experiences, we were sure packing lots of entertainment in one trip. But I know for a fact that these will be the times that we will remember fondly once we will be back in Pune. My equation with Satish was also brimming with romance; I guess it is the magical effect of Goa and since it was our last day, we vowed to make it our best.

View Of Beach

View Of Beach | Image Resource :

The Baga Beach was everything that we thought it would be – great food, happening shacks, lovely music, even karaoke at times and a lovely experience in all. We did everything. We bathed in the sea, drank coconut water, indulged in adrenaline pumping water sports and many other things. I observed everything around me- scantily clad women, a few hunks, some cheesy men and women and people of all sorts on the beach. The food was fantastic, the music rocking, the people friendly and the experience worth remembering and repeating. While we made our way back to the hotel to pack for our train later, a sense of satisfaction spread in my heart. I had had the most wonderful time with my family and I had to thank Goa for it.

Dolphins At Baga

Dolphins At Baga | Image Resource :

The Baga Beach, Goa however was crowded than the other two beaches, but the spirit of Goa was evident in all of the three. The mood on the beach at all times was spirited and upbeat and the relaxation that I felt in these days during my stay in Goa was just enough to make me function until I would have the fortune to travel once again. Goa was truly magical and like a heaven for me free from worries and fully fun. I would recommend all my friends to come here and given a choice I would definitely revisit this heaven again.

Sunset at Baga Beach

Sunset at Baga Beach | Image Resource :


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