Anjuna Beach Goa – Scintillating Second Day at the Beach


Anjuna | Image Resource :

When we returned the previous day from the beach, I had sensed that the kids still craved for more beach activities. The fact that we did have another beach outing the next day was not known to them. Constant pestering continued in the car while returning to go to any other beach among other things. I was enjoying all the attention and the adulation for choosing such a great place for holiday for them and that they needed to go to another beach one more time and the likes. Satish – the traitor, became the spoilsport and told them that not only were we going to the Anjuna Beach Goa, we also had on our agenda to go to the Bagha Beach next.

Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa | Image Resource :

I was suddenly the best mom and the best trip organizer. Anyway, we left for the Anjuna Beach in record time. Breakfast was hurried, bathing became non-compulsory and off we were in the hired car to the beach. But I had to admit that it was sure rewarding to spend some lazy time at the beach doing nothing. I had my special plans. We rented a shack and I took out my favorite novel. The boys were left with the father as their custodian and I became totally oblivious to my surroundings. They had their swimming trunks on under their clothes and once the clothes were neatly piled near me, they could do whatever they wanted as long as I was left alone. What a blissful day it was!

Anjuna Beach Face Carving

Anjuna Beach Face Carving | Image Resource :

After a couple of hours I spotted one of them sipping the coconut water, while the other two were still in the water. I was in a true tourist garb- my beach dress, the straw hat, flip flops and suntan lotion wherever they needed to be applied- everything was in order for me here at the Anjuna Beach, Goa. I did not even realize the time until the sun began to set in the sea and the atmosphere was in the shades of orange and red – the rays of the Phoebe were blinding and were mesmerized every human being present there. The next day I’d have the same experience of Bagha Beach.

Evening at Beach

Evening at Beach | Image Resource :


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