Why You Need To Own A Travel Insurance Cover

Passionate yet mindful travellers like me, must know the need and benefits of having an insurance cover while travelling. It is like a blanket of safety that could potentially prevent and/or minimize the risk of being faced with atrocities, natural calamities, etc.

While for some people, travel insurance is just another type of insurance that would add to their yearly expenditure, for others it is a blessing in disguise. I belong to the latter group.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance| Image Resource : skymed.com

People like me would look forward to get themselves protected against possible mishaps while travelling. Moreover, they might do so not only for themselves but for their friends and family as well.

This is because travel insurance has a string of advantages attached to it. Likewise, the significance of being covered under an apt travel insurance policy is an ideal stipulation for every frequent traveller, regardless of the location of travel, purpose of travel, or the mode of transport they are going for.

Travel insurance would just come handy in the most adverse situations one would face while on a journey. Here is a list of most common uncertainties that could be kept at bay with the help of travel insuranceā€¦

  • In case of medical emergency like accident or sickness
  • Emergency evacuations due to various reasons
  • Funeral expenditure in a foreign country
  • Injury, accidental death, or physically/mentally challenged benefit
  • Unavoidable crisis like hijacking
  • Delay in travel due to weather conditions
  • Trip cancellation/interruption
  • Impending baggage and urgent replacement of items of basic necessities

Besides, some of common exclusions in travel insurance include – pre-existing medical emergencies, war or terrorism and fatal injuries.

Along with these implied benefits, one can also expect some add-ons by their travel insurance company. This may include helpful services and customer-friendly assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week. Some companies also provide concierge services and prompt assistance in case of emergency travel.

That is why; travel insurance is looked upon and preferred by frequent travellers who are as well mindful enough about their journey. I am happy and satisfied with my travel insurance company as it is proving to be a boon for my family and myself as well.


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