My Journey From Pune To Madurai By Nagarcoil Express

Pune Junction

Pune Junction | Image Resource :

Working at the travel desk I always love explaining various tourist spots to the visitors, and visit some places with my family too. Whenever I get a break from my work off I go on family vacations to various parts in India. I love travelling with my kids and spend time exploring new places. This time it was to Madurai that we decided to go on a vacation. Opting for budget travel, I booked train tickets for my journey from Pune Junction (PUNE) to Madurai Junction (MDU) by Nagarcoil Express.

Nagarcoil Train

Nagarcoil Train | Image Resource :

I had my bags packed on the previous day and in the morning I was busy cooking meals to take with us on the train. As I have already said, I don’t encourage my kids taking the train meals. So I had everything packed by 12 noon and after the lunch we were off to the railway station at 2.45 pm. The travel from our house to the station took 30 minutes and we reached the station by 3.10 pm. There were many passengers getting in and out of the station and all looked too busy to take notice of anyone else. The train arrived at 3.45 pm. We got into our coach and took our seats. Exactly after 5 minutes the train started moving and I saw people waving good bye to each other.

Nagarcoil Express

Nagarcoil Express | Image Resource :

As the train gained speed, I got on to my berth and tried to sleep for a while as I was tired after the packing and cooking. After an hour of sleep I was refreshed and when I got up I saw that the kids were busy playing games on their mobile phones.

The next day looked bright and sunny and I was looking forward to the visit. I have heard a lot about the place and the temples there. We reached Madurai at 10.55 pm and got down tired after a full day journey. It was quite hot and I longed to have a shower and get a good sleep. The cab was waiting to take us to the hotel and we got in to it. My journey from Pune Juntion (PUNE) to Madurai Junction (MDU) by Nagarcoil Express took about 20 hours, but was enjoyable.

Madurai Junction

Madurai Junction | Image Resource :


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