My Recent Visit To Malshej Ghat

Malshej Hills

Malshej Hills | Image Resource :

My recent visit to Malshej Ghat was truly memorable experience with my kids. Malshej is a popular tourist location in the Thane district of Maharashtra. You can have an impeccable view of the valleys from this Ghat area.

Welcome To Malshej Ghat

Welcome To Malshej Ghat | Image Resource :

On The Way Of Ghat

On The Way Of Ghat | Image Resource :

You will be amazed to see very distinct and unique flora and fauna in this picnic spot. The place abounds in natural beauty. Photographers can have a wonderful venue for clicking amazing pictures.  Here I have just listed a few quick tips, which will help you get there easily and enjoy the stay there hassle free.

Pune To Malshej Via AlePhata

Pune To Malshej Via AlePhata | Image Resource :

  • Reaching Malshej Ghat

The best way to reach Malshej Ghat is via road. If you are planning to go from Mumbai, you may opt for the state highway via Kalyan, Murbad, Saralgaon, and Vaisakhare. Commuters travelling from Pune can surely find the Pune-Nashik (NH-50) highway a more convenient option. You may head from there to Alephata and you will reach the desired location.

  • Tourist locations close to Malshej Ghat

The thrill of visiting the Malshej Ghat does not end here. My kids and I enjoyed several tourist locations very close to Malshej Ghat. The Shivneri Fort, which is the birthplace of great Raje Shivaji Maharaj, one of the prominent tourist locations. Other tourist locations included Malshej Falls, Harishchandragad, and Pimpalgaon Joga Dam.

Pimpalgaon Joga Dam

Pimpalgaon Joga Dam | Image Resource :


  • Special food suggestions for food lovers on their visit to Malshej Ghat

I am a very huge fan of tasty food. I therefore make it a point to note all great eateries and food joints to share with you. In my journey, I came across a restaurant in the Malshej Ghat, which was named Flamingo Resort. The place had a comprehensive menu with some great vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. There are some Thali restaurants in the Kalyan highway too, which offer delicious food at a cheap rate.

 Natural Waterfall On Malshejghat

Natural Waterfall On Malshejghat | Image Resource :

The trip was fun and enjoyable. The Malshej Ghat is an enjoyable experience but avoid planning a trip during monsoons. The rainy season brings mishaps and accidents, which can make your trip risky. You can even plan an educational trip for your kids to this scenic beauty as I did as it has a unique historical background. The flora and fauna in this region is also very diverse.


Waterfalls | Image Resource :

Thousands of Liter water ghat

Thousands of Liter water free…at ghat | Image Resource :

Fog At Malshejghat

Fog At Malshejghat | Image Resource :


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