My Small Memorable Journey From Pune To CST Station Mumbai By CSTM Fast Passenger

Hey all visitors, welcome to my blog! I am Sunita Katoch from Pune, working in a renowned travel company. To provide others a best holiday package is my duty and to travel with my family is my passion. Whenever I get leisure time, I love to spend it with my family. I have one 12-year old beautiful daughter Aalia and 10-year old son Rohit. My husband Sharad works in the same travel company with me. It was more than two months since we had spent our last quality weekend. It was the last week of the month of April, my kids’ exams were finished and they were insisting to go for a short weekend trip.

CSTM Fast Passenger Train

CSTM Fast Passenger Train | Image Resource :

We always have to surrender in front of our children. I planned a trip to Mumbai with my daughter and son and working in a travel agency helped me to get three sleeper class tickets within a minute. The train was scheduled to depart at 10.55 pm. It was half-day in office, the day being a Friday, so I comfortably packed our bags and we reached the Pune junction at 10.30 pm. Aalia and Rohit were more excited than me about the trip because it was the first time they were going to visit the ‘city of dreams – Mumbai’. Soon, the train arrived at platform no. 2 and we boarded it. After 10 minutes the train left Pune junction and there started my small memorable journey from Pune  to CST station  Mumbai by CSTM fast passenger train.

CST Station Mumbai

CST Station Mumbai | Image Resource :

I was feeling a little sleepy but Aalia was so charged by her excitement that she didn’t let me sleep. She kept asking me various questions about Mumbai and we both fell asleep at around 1 am. I woke up at 3.45 am and the train was standing at Dadar junction. I woke the kids up because we were about to reach CSTM Mumbai in less than 30 minutes and my small memorable journey from Pune (Pune) to CST station (CSTM) Mumbai by CSTM fast passenger train was coming to an end. We arranged our bags and kids were not able to hold their urge to see Mumbai and they stood on the exit door looking outside. The train arrived CSTM at 4.10 am, right on time. We hired a taxi and scooted towards the hotel I had already booked.


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