Nehru Science Centre Mumbai – A Centre of Excellence

Our hotel was hardly 2 km away from the CSTM junction. It took us 10 minutes to reach there. It was 5.40 am when we reached the hotel. We just changed our clothes and again fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I saw that kids were already awake and they were watching TV. It was 8.30 am, I ordered breakfast, and got ready before the room service guy arrived with our breakfast. After having breakfast, kids got ready; it was 9.45 am by the time all these activities finished. We left for our first destination, which was the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai in a cab. It was less than 10 kilometres from our hotel but the cab took 30 minutes to reach there because of heavy traffic.

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai | Image Resource :

There were fewer number of people because it was just 10.30 am, we easily bought three tickets for us at just rupees 60. It is India’s biggest science centre, spread in more than 5 acres of land. It is located in Worli, Mumbai. Its science park sports various types of trees, shrubs and plants. It is a great display of more than fifty advanced equipment related to different aspects of science such as energy, sound, mechanics, etc. The historical artefacts related to science are also collected here in Nehru Science Centre Mumbai. The centre’s building is a nice piece of architecture having different sections on different themes. It is a centre of learning as well; it organises numerous Olympiads, competitions, demonstrations on science education to enhance knowledge of the people and the students.

Students In Nehru Cente

Students In Nehru Center | Image Resource :

Students and group visitors are provided special discounts on their entry tickets. A 3D show is the latest addition to the glory of Nehru science centre, Mumbai. The main aim behind its establishment in 1985 was to demonstrate science’s progress over the long period since humans came into existence and to collect and develop scientific apparatuses for human welfare. I think this institution is serving its aim in the best possible way. Aalia was elated to experience the glamour of science. We spent about 2.30 hour in the Nehru science centre. After this scientific visit, it was time for us to feel the divinity and spirituality because Mahalaxmi temple, Mumbai was our next spot.

At Nehru Science Centre

At Nehru Science Centre | Image Resource :


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