Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai – A Place Filled With Spirituality and Divinity

Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai

Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai | Image Resource :

There is only a distance of 4 kilometres between the Nehru Science Centre in Powai and Mahalaxmi temple. I decided to take public transport bus to the Mahalaxmi temple from the science centre. The bus was flooded with the people. We reached Mahalaxmi temple Mumbai in less than 15 minutes. You can imagine the exaltation of the temple as the whole area is known as ‘Mahalaxmi‘ after the Temple’s name. I purchased sacraments to offer to the Goddess Mahalaxmi. Being among the most famous temples in Mumbai, the area was teemed with devotees of Mahalaxmi. There were separate long queues for men and women. We joined the queue and waited for our turn to enter inside the temple. Meanwhile I was taking a look at the outer beauty of the temple and carved designs on its ceiling. We entered in the temple premises after 20 minutes wait. We removed our footwear outside Mahalaxmi temple and got into the temple.

Goddesses -Mahalaxmi

Goddesses -Mahalaxmi | Image Resource :

There was a sweet aroma surrounding the temple. Spirituality had tamed my thoughts and senses completely. I was lost in the pious environment of the temple. We offered ‘pooja’ and bought sacrament (Prasad) offered to the Goddesses. After finishing pooja, I had a look at temple’s grandeur. The temple’s view was beautiful; it is located at the seashore. The statues of three goddesses – Mahalaxmi, Mahakaali and Mahasaraswati wearing gold jewellery are installed. Goddess Mahalaxmi is projected riding a tiger and a mythological demon ‘Mahisasur’ beneath her idol. There is a well-known tale regarding this posture of Devi Mahalaxmi. The throne of deities is moulded stunningly with silver. People were bowing in reverence to the Goddess. A ‘Kalash’ is established atop of the temple with a ‘Dhwaja’. This temple holds a historic importance along with its spiritual importance. According to the story, this temple was built in around 1785 AD by Ramji Shivji Prabhu, an engineer under English government.

The Mahalaxmi temple Mumbai is an incredible piece of architecture, spirituality and divinity. During ‘Navaratri Festival’ its glory enhances due to the galore of devotees. We stood there for 2 hours and then we had to rush towards Jehangir Art Gallery for a visit.


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