Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai – Known For Its Rich Collection

After our scientific and spiritual visit, it was a turn to visit a place of artistic effect. The Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai is the best place for you to visit if you have some interest in paintings, portraits, artefacts, etc. The Mahalaxmi temple and Jehangir art gallery were separated by a mere distance of 8 kilometres. I hired a taxi from the Mahalaxmi temple to Jehangir Art Gallery and reached there in 15 minutes. We were famished as we were surviving on breakfast only since morning. Thus, first we had our lunch at a restaurant nearby. After revitalizing ourselves we moved inside the art gallery.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource :

This art gallery was quite different from the others; it furls a history of more than 60 years. It was established by Sir Cowasji Jehangir in 1952 after the recommendations of painter K.K. Hebbar and renowned scientist Homi Bhabha. It is surrounded by other important public places namely Prince of Wales Museum and Gateway of India. It has four huge exhibition halls. The art gallery premises have a famous cafeSamovar‘ and India’s oldest licensed antique dealers called ‘Natesans‘. The building has a concrete design, which was prepared by Durga Bajpai. The gallery is designed inwardly, which seems quite strange because in present times, a gallery is supposed to be outward so that it is able to display its artefacts properly.

Painting At Gallary

Painting At Gallary | Image Resource :

A large entrance encompasses the street. The Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai performed renaissance in case of Indian art. It turned into a hub for new artists and art lovers. At present it has a national entity for contemporary Indian art lovers. The gallery organizes annual exhibition known as ‘The monsoon art show’. The gallery also supports people interested in arts by organising many events on art history, appreciation and criticism. There were hundreds of pictures displayed canvassed by various artist. Each had its different philosophy and theme. I loved this world of colours, emotions and presentation of philosophies.

After spending one hour in the gallery, we hastened to our next jaunt to Powai to pay a visit to modern Powai and some shopping. It was a striking artistic feeling that the Jahangir Art Gallery gave me. Now it was time to get into my next avatar of a shopaholic.


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