Modern Powai in Mumbai – A Hub Of Shoppers

The journey from Jehangir Art Gallery to Powai was a long ride because the distance between the two was nearly 35 kilometres. Moreover, Mumbai’s traffic won’t let you there in less than one hour. We took a cab from Jehangir Art Gallery to reach Powai on time. But, it didn’t help; it took us close to 1.10 hours to reach Powai. It was evening and it is said that Mumbai rises as the sun sets. I was excited and more than excited was my sweet kids. First, we went to the cafe Coffee Day and had coffee and snacks to re-energize ourselves. We tied up our shoe laces and decided to explore the vicinity of Modern Powai in Mumbai by walking.

Powai Lake

Powai Lake | Image Resource :

Powai is a suburb of Mumbai. It is located on the bank of the Powai Lake, one of the three lakes in Mumbai. Years ago, Powai used to be a village but now it has grown rapidly and swiftly. Powai possesses Mumbai’s most upscale commercial and residential hubs. We saw famous Heeranandani Gardens, an incredible township surrounded by scenic beauty of nature. It is a group of several huge buildings having residential flats. There are numerous supermarkets; you cannot resist yourself from entering them.

A View Of Powai

A View Of Powai | Image Resource :

We visited the market and liked it very well. After that, we moved ahead to the D-mart which had a good collection of clothes. I bought a Kurta for me and Aalia got herself a denim jeans and a red coloured top, while Rohit got two jeans. I was confused what to buy for Sharad. A sales person in the store then helped me to get a shirt for my husband. Near the D mart was the Indian Institute of Technology campus. It was a huge campus and probably the largest campus for a college I have ever seen. We were enjoying window shopping at different stores. At night, the sight of modern Powai in Mumbai was splendid. You can feel it’s night only if you look up in the sky. The time that I spent in exploring Powai included the fastest three hours of my life. Then, it was time to move back to our hotel as we had to visit another beautiful site known as Fashion Street the next day.


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