Fashion Street in Mumbai – The Fashion Hub

Mumbai is known for being the commercial capital of the country. However, it is also the fashion hub of the country. All the leading designers from India and abroad have their apparels available in Mumbai. The Fashion Street in Mumbai is a very popular destination among the tourists as well as the local people of the city. The stock of apparels are always kept updated with the latest trends in the fashion world in the stores of Fashion Street. We left our hotel in the morning to reach our destination. Shopping is something which I really look forward to. The kids love their new clothes as well.

Clothes At Fashion Street

Clothes At Fashion Street | Image Resource :

We reached the Fashion Street after a brief journey from our hotel. It was not even noon and the market was brimming with people. There were a lot of college students and teenagers who were sifting through the stuff available. The popularity of this particular market is because of the cheap prices of the clothes. There were a lot of stuff available all over the market. Most of the stuff were very light on the pocket. The clothes were pretty good for daily use. The college goers found it perfect to buy these clothes from their pocket money. We picked up a lot of clothes for each one of us. The prices were negotiable as well. It really felt good to get the latest fashion collection at an affordable price.

Fashion Street Shopping Mumbai

Fashion Street Shopping Mumbai | Image Resource :

The market opens every day of the week from morning till night. The main items on sale are clothes, belts and shoes. We bought a couple of belts as well. The whole shopping experience at the Fashion Street in Mumbai was pretty good. The shopkeepers were friendly and polite in their behavior. We had a pretty good time at the market. We grabbed a quick bite at a restaurant nearby. We were next headed for the various beaches of Mumbai. Visiting the beaches was something we looked forward to from the time we planned the tour. Our driver drove us towards the nearest beach. He was a friendly man and it helped us in enjoying the journey even better.


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